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 Vision & Mission:


"Passionately innovate to make life comfortable and efficient.” .


"Be the brand of choice for products and services that generate, control, store and use electricity efficiently. Through passionate people we innovate to consistently deliver a tangible competitive advantage in reliability, service and cost.“


Corporate Philosophy:

·        We will constantly listen and respond to our Employees, End Customers, Channel Partners and Suppliers

·        All our products and processes will be aligned to meet the end customer needs.

·        We will constantly improve the quality of our products and services.

·        We will be a lean and flexible organization that quickly and correctly responds to business opportunities.

·        All our employees, suppliers and channel partners must make a measurable, positive contribution towards the success of our business.

All aspects of our business will be quantified and performance measurement will be directly linked to business decisions,compensation and rewards. 

Our Products:~


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